1 Corinthians 1:1-9 for Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Nest On Your Altar






Hello There~
I want to express my gratitude for each of you joining in from across the globe. It’s a hoot that almost as many of you are joining in from international locations as from the United Staes now.  And I have been in communication with more of you lately, which brings warmth and satisfaction to my experience in this ministry. Anyway, thank you!

Also, I thank Trace Bundy, who provides our tune this week, for letting me share his music here. I’ve been a fan of his for a number of years now. When I wrote a while back, asking for his blessing to share his music, he most graciously responded within a couple of days. He spent time with the podcast and said, “I’m a huge fan of Lectio Divina!” You’ll be hearing more of his music in the weeks to come.

Well, may your day be rich with God’s love and joy. And may your time in the quiet be nourishment indeed.

Artwork: A Nest On Your Altar by Jan Richardson

Music: Missile Bell by Trace Bundy

Published by Todd Spencer

I am a spiritual director, a minister of spiritual formation, a husband and father. I live in the beautiful town of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

5 thoughts on “1 Corinthians 1:1-9 for Sunday, January 19, 2014

  1. An ‘awesome’ (and I never use that term lightly) meditation experience! The combination of art and music was truly inspirational. Love of God, neighbor and all of God’s beautiful creatures and gifts.


    1. Hey there, Pam! I am so pleased to see your note. Thank you for taking the time, both with the podcast and posting your comment. What other prayer practices are giving you sustanance these days? Deepest Peace, Todd


      1. Hi Todd,
        I have been reading and entering into the meditations found in the website ‘Into the Edge of Enclosure. It is also helpful in preparing for Sunday and a great moment of prayer.
        I also try, however sometimes fail, to pray Morning Prayer.
        Of course I also just enter into everyday, ordinary conversations with The Lord. What other practices bring you into Presence?


      2. Hello Pam,
        Thank you for anoher note. I’ll have to check out that website. Other practices I often use to put up the sail are centering prayer, breath prayer, fasting and hiking in solitude in wild spaces. Also, just began a multi-week experiment with a handful of others, applying daily journaling, walking as meditation, fasting and secrecy (the good kind). We’ll see! I hope you have a nice day.


      3. Hi Pam,
        So sorry for the delay. I will have to check out Into the Edge of Enclosure. Thank you. My go-to practices these days have been journaling, breath prayer as well as centering prayer, which has been especially central for me for a very long time.
        Great to be connected with you.
        Deepest Peace,


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