Todd Speaks with Richard Rohr on Lectio Divina

You will notice that I was pretty overwhelmed by getting to have this conversation with Richard. Please excuse my giddiness. But, I have heard that many have found the conversation helpful for their contemplative considerations. Maybe you will too!

Thanks for listening.
In Grace,

6 thoughts on “Todd Speaks with Richard Rohr on Lectio Divina

  1. What a lovely conversation. As I sit in the evening at the Franciscan center outside Philadelphia, it was a joy to reflect t with you I the significance of election and the blessing of silence.


  2. Beautiful message to be in Gods presence today. Even through the storms of life, like a tree to bear fruit with God.
    Mans muscle take God out.
    Be still and I know Gods presence is here, right now.


  3. Beautiful message. Being still and knowing Gods presence. Not pretending, being in the real.
    Mans muscle throws God out of the picture. I have that foundation of Gods presence.
    Through storms, just like a tree, grow and bear fruit….
    Thank you for this lecture. It put my mind at ease. To know to put God with me through everything.


  4. Love all these series! Becoming closer to God and the word. They leave a profound effect on me. I listen to them often
    Thank you, Grace & Blessings


    1. Dear Meg,
      Thank you for your note. I am so pleased that you find my podcast helpful in your walk with God! If you’re open to it, it would be nice to hear a little more about what brought you to lectio divina and/or other contemplative practices and such. You can read more about my journey on my website under Who Is Todd…Have a wonderful day.
      In Christ’s Peace with You,


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