Extra Contemplative Audios with Todd

Occasionally, I create extra contemplative audio episodes. You’ll find them here.
Peace With You,

Todd Speaks with Richard Rohr on Lectio Divina

You will notice that I was pretty overwhelmed by getting to have this conversation with Richard. Please excuse my giddiness. But, I have heard that many have found the conversation helpful for their contemplative considerations. Maybe you will too!

Holy Thursday Contemplative Meditation- 4.9.2020

Todd Reads Rubem Alves, “Friendship” – 4.20.2020*

*This reading comes from Rubem Alves’ book, Tender Returns. I read this with the expressed permission from the translator of the book, Glenn Alan Cheney. I am grateful for the honor!

Todd Reads Mark Yaconelli’s “The Alchemy of Grace” – 6.17.2020*

*Mark Yaconelli gave me expressed permission to share this reading of his book. Enjoy!

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  1. Prayers for protection for our “front line” workers – health care, police, caregivers, first responders, grocery “ postal…


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