John 10:11-18 for Sunday, April 22, 2018






Artwork: A Shepherdess with her Flock by Eugene Verboeckhoven, created in 1870, Public Domain.*

Music: Can I Take this Weight by Stephen Iverson*

*used with permission

Published by Todd Spencer

I am a spiritual director, a minister of spiritual formation, a husband and father. I live in the beautiful town of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

2 thoughts on “John 10:11-18 for Sunday, April 22, 2018

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the John 10 meditation. Was introduced to the three-fold reading this year and your podcasts have helped.
    God bless.
    Belfast N. Ireland

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    1. Hello Andy!
      Welcome to you. It’s nice to have you joining from N. Ireland. I trace my ancestry mostly back to Ireland and England on both my mother’s and father’s sides of the family. Celtic Christianity that was birthed in Ireland holds affectionate sway in my spiritual heritage and theology as well. I pray and hope a first visit to Ireland will be sooner than later!
      Again, welcome Andy.
      Deepest Peace of Christ,


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