Mark 1:9-15 for Sunday, February 18, 2018






Photo: Laughing Dove, common to Israel
By Charlesjsharp from Sharp Photography, sharpphotography, as found on Wikipedia;

Song: Hallelujah by Trinity Music and Marty Reardon*

*used with permission

Published by Todd Spencer

I am a spiritual director, a minister of spiritual formation, a husband and father. I live in the beautiful town of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

3 thoughts on “Mark 1:9-15 for Sunday, February 18, 2018

  1. Today is Feb 16. Two days ago was yet another school shooting- 17 lives lost.

    The last verse was what struck me most- “Time’s Up. Change your life. Believe the good news.”

    Are these the words God puts before us as a society, as a church, as parents, as individuals to inspire change and a return to Him? What must we do to help our youth and change the culture of death they live in to a culture of life and hope? What are we doing or not doing that has allowed this culture of death to become so pervasive and tolerated?

    I found hope in these words – “Believe the Good news.” Jesus is the good news. He is with us in this tragedy and in all suffering. Jesus Christ has won battle! He gave us the victory over sin and death through his own death and resurrection. We have hope, if we have Him..


    1. Dear Heather,
      I have been so broken about this senseless shooting and the literal hundreds (my gut wrenches as I write that) of school shootings we have had in this country these past few years. Yes, we live in a terribly, tragically, broken society and world. I have had similar thoughts and reactions as yours this week.

      As I traced the ashes on the foreheads of persons during our Ash Wednesday service the day of this latest shooting this week, tears kept filling my eyes and my throat kept catching as I said over and over:

      “You are God’s Beloved. Turn back to God. Trust the Good News.”

      It became clear, after repeating those words so many times, and looking into all of those eyes, many also filled with tears, that this is my plea, my prayer, my most sincere cry to our loving God right now — that we each and all turn back to Love, trust/faith, and our Belovedness, and BE the change we so hunger for right now.

      Come Lord Jesus to our aid. Work in us the miracle of healed hearts and a healed and merciful world. Help us stand up and strong with Christlike actions as we take the required steps we each must take to enact your coming kingdom/world of Love.

      Thank you for your note, Heather. We are together hidden with Christ in God.

      Deepest Peace All Ways,


      1. Wow. What a powerful personal experience you had after such a tragic and painful day. Thank you for sharing your mind and heart with us through your Lectio divina podcast, comments and prayers. God be with you and bless all who minister as we seek to be instruments of His peace, love and healing.


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