Romans 16:25-27 for Sunday, December 24, 2017







Photo: Snow on the Old Road at John Wesley Ranch by Todd Spencer
Music: Make Your Home in Me by Stephen Iverson*

*used with permission


Published by Todd Spencer

I am a spiritual director, a minister of spiritual formation, a husband and father. I live in the beautiful town of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

2 thoughts on “Romans 16:25-27 for Sunday, December 24, 2017

    1. Hello Gene,
      Sorry to hear of the troubles. I checked and it appears the site is working on my end. I don’t have any settings to block people from permissions. One question: what do you mean that you “did get alot”? I’m wondering if perhaps your internet connection was spotty? Maybe try from another location or at another time. Let me know if you have any more news about this.
      Deepest Peace,


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