Psalm 85 for Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Wrestling is Where the Blessing Begins

Artwork: The Wrestling Is Where the Blessing Begins by Jan Richardson*

Nature Sounds: Windy Winter Solstice– Lakefield National Park, Cape York by Tai* (

*used with permission



Published by Todd Spencer

I am a spiritual director, a minister of spiritual formation, a husband and father. I live in the beautiful town of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

3 thoughts on “Psalm 85 for Sunday, July 24, 2016

    1. You’re welcome, Steve! I invite you to share a little more about your experience with the podcast, if you’re open to it. A couple of questions to consider: How did you find the podcast? How do you make the most out of your listening to it? Deepest Peace With You, Todd


      1. Again, thank you! I learned about this podcast from Pastor Marcus Carlson. I am sitting under him as my spiritual director.

        I am going through a dry season and “use” this lectio divina as my way to commune with the Lord God. Though I started strong this year with Scripture reading, the past several months I have not. Simply listening to God’s Word has been a delight, a form of devotion I learned from a Roman Catholic nun with whom I worked.

        Thank you for what you do. Blessings on you these days.


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