Tiffany art. Tree of Knowlege of Good and Evil











Hello there!
I want to thank Tiffany Keith, for sharing her art with us. Tiffany has been practicing Lectio with the podcast for a few years now. This week’s art is one Tiffany created in response to last week’s podcast. She shared with me that after praying with the text it occurred to her that part of what is experienced by “eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” is this (my paraphrase): we start with the experience of the blessing of pure being, the blessing that “I am enough just being here.” Then, we partake of the “tree” and start seeing ourselves measured on a scale from evil to good, comparing ourselves to others, and we lose that sense of pure being. Thank you again, Tiffany!

Anyone else up to sharing your creative side here on the podcast page?

Lenten Grace,

Art by Tiffany Keith

Music: May Every Word by Stephen Iverson (