Matthew 11:2-11 for Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tif's John














Hello Friends!
A quick word or two. I am attempting to get my podcast back up on iTunes so folks can also download episodes in mp3 format. There have been some difficulties, but I think I’m about to get them worked out. Stay tuned on that.

Secondly, I am still requesting that you post or email me, if you haven’t done so already, who you are (first name is fine), where you live and what brings you to my podcast. I can’t stress enough how much it helps me to know who’s out there coming along for the ride.

May your Advent be rich with joy and openness to God!

Artwork: This week’s art comes from Tiffany Keith, one of our listeners. She didn’t give me a title for it so I’m calling it Tiff’s John. She created it in response to praying last week’s scripture text with us. Do you have art to share as well?

Nature Sounds: Winter Solstice – Lakefield National Park, Cape York by Tai (


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