Colosians 1:11-20 for Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Capacity for Reverence

Hello there!
I’m happy to welcome you to my weekly lectio divina podcast. If you would, please, take a brief moment and let me know your name, where you live and what brings you to my podcast. You can write that in the Comments section. This will help me to know my audience better so that I can continue to grow in what I am providing. Thank you for being here! May your day be full of noticed Presence and joy.
Deepest Peace,

Artwork: A Capacity for Reverence by Jan Richardson
Music: Open My Eyes by Stephen Iverson (

Published by Todd Spencer

I am a spiritual director, a minister of spiritual formation, a husband and father. I live in the beautiful town of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

4 thoughts on “Colosians 1:11-20 for Sunday, November 24, 2013

  1. I appreciate what you share through your lectio divina podcasts every week. It gives me a moment to let God’s word soak into my soul. Sometimes it inspires me with something to preach about, sometimes its gives me a time to rest from the business of family, life and ministry. But it always gives me a time to sit in the presence of God and just receive whatever He wants to give me. Thank you for the work you do.


    1. The image I got in the first reading was of a globe made up of puzzle pieces that were in the shape of men and women (like what you’d find on a restroom sign) and were various colors. The word that stood out to me was the word disconnected. I am not sure how to interpret that, but I find it very interesting that the image and the word I received were paradoxical. In one sense, God intended the world and his people to work and fit together in his perfect creation, yet we are disconnected because of our sin. That is, until Jesus restored us through his death and resurrection. On a more personal level, God used this time to call me to a more connected relationship with Him and his people through a more focused, intentional time in His word. Thank you!


      1. Hello again, Heather!
        Really appreciate your sharing this. One of the powerful parts of practicing lectio together with others (in person or online) is that hearing what was given for others (words, phrases, images) can become a very living extension of God’s speaking to us. So the Word of God behind/through/within the written words is kind of set free in a new way in each of us. Also, when practicing lectio with others, sometimes the actual words from the page may come to me as less lively but then others share what was given — like you have here — and God reaches me through how God reached you. As a spiritual friend said to me one day, “Isn’t God so very economical?”
        Be well, friend.
        Deep Peace of Christ,


    2. Hi Heather!
      I like how you put that: “let God’s word soak into my soul.” It is a fitting expression of what I’m hoping happens for each of us during the podcast. Brings an image to my mind: The slowing down and meditating is like our shifting from furiously shaking off the water (maybe like a duck or a dog – ha) to becoming still and allowing the warm water to soak in and do its good work. Thanks for writing, Heather. Write again soon!
      Deepest Peace,


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