Big Eyes in graffiti alley san fran







Hello Friends!
Good to be back this week. I had an amazing experience with my Practicing the Way of Jesus class in San Francisco last week. I highly recommend my professors’, Mark Scandrette and Daniel Kirk’s, books to you. This week’s image is from one of the many works of art from Graffiti Alley in the Mission District of San Francisco. It seems to me that it speaks of one’s chosen-ness, which pops out for me during this week’s Lectio time. Thanks for joining me in the quiet. Breath deep with God!

Note: The Richard Rohr book from which I quote during the podcast this week is from his Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality. Also, the nature sounds you hear during the podcast come from Windy Winter Solstice – Lakefield National Park, Cape York by Tai ( Enjoy!