What is the Invitation?

Hello Friends!
Welcome. After recording this week’s podcast, I realized that I have actually stepped out of the stream of the lectionary. This is because our Senior Minister, Kent Ingram, is briefly allowing some of the Genesis texts to center our congregation as we begin a season of “90 Days of Blessings.” Kent is normally a lectionary preacher but for three weeks he is preaching a series from Genesis. I will be returning to the lectionary in October. I hope you will continue to meditate and pray on the scriptures with me, regardless!
Deepest Peace,

Artwork: What is the Invitation? by Jan Richardson

Nature Sounds: Brolga – Grus Nubicunda and Sirus Crane, recorded by Tai (https://soundcloud.com/nature-sounds/brolga-grus-nubicunda-and-1)