Alpha and Omega




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The Bible is an act of faithful imagination. It is not a package of certitudes. It is an act of imagination that invites our faithful imagination that makes it possible to live faithfully. The Bible is an act of imagination that is rooted in memory but that presses always toward new possibility that is in front of us. ~ Walter Brueggeman in Living The Questions 

As I mention in the podcast this week, Brueggemann’s term “faithful imagination” is not some Disneyland-pretending or escaping, but about following Christ in such a way that we bring our whole selves — as persons and as a community — to the Bible story. We bring all of our hearing, seeing, feeling, thinking — our entire imagination — submitted to God. And we expect to meet God there!

May your meditation and prayer be rich with such imagination of faith today!

Deep Peace of Christ,

Artwork: Alpha and Omega by Jan Richardson (

Music: Be The Center by Michael Frye, sung by Todd

Nature Recording: Windy Winter Solstice – Lakefield National Park, Cape York by Tai (