Where The Way Leads




Listen to the audio for this week, here: Luke 19.28-40 for Palm Sunday, March 24, 2013

“Many [of us]…live in a fairly constant state of noise, with their unresolved past and the uncertain present breaking in on them. [We] lack a still center and it is only for such a quiet point that we can listen attentively….Too frequently we do not understand the hermit’s discipline, a discipline that needs to be ours in spirit, if not in fact” ~ Urban T. Holmes III

May this time of meditation and prayer be nourishment for your still center, that you may then listen, notice, be attuned to God showing up in front of you today, with your family, friends, neighbors, enemies, co-workers, lover, stranger. May your still center bring with it the joy Christ provides in his “unforced rhythms of grace” (Matt 11).

Thanks for joining me today!
Deep Peace,

Artwork: Where The Way Leads, by Jan Richardson (http://www.janrichardsonimages.com)
Music: Evening Prayer, by Patsy Moore (http://www.reverbnation.com/patsymoore)