Luke 9:28-36 for Sunday, February 10, 2013





Listen here: Luke 9.28-36 for Sunday, February 10, 2013


We each come to prayer with our distractions. This is not anything to be ashamed of at all. Be kind and gentle with your self as you enter quiet and discover the state of your real reality. The point is not to permanently remove distractions and such. The point is that they have their time and place. And they have a time for rest and floating on by. Solitude and prayer is the time for them to float on by, however many times we need to let them go; however many times we need to set them like a leaf on a stream. As we do this, we are allowing a clearing of space within us for God to more freely move and heal and transform our living into more peace. Just thought I’d share a little about this as I have lately found numerous folks struggling with shame or un-needed guilt over distractions in prayer.

Peace Deep Down,

Artwork: Transfigure by Jan Richardson (
Song: Augustine’s Delight, words by Saint Augustine, music by Todd Spencer

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