To Proclaim Release




Luke 4.14-21 for Sunday, January 27, 2013


Hello There ~

Personal retreats in solitude have been powerful for followers for centuries. As I ask in my podcast this week, I sure would like your input on potential personal spiritual retreat themes. Here’s what I’m up to. I am considering creating downloadable retreats for you to then take with you on your mobile device to the retreat center of your choice. The idea would be this while you are on the retreat: Lots of sleep, lots of quiet, perhaps some hiking or sitting in the woods and journaling. And, two or three times each day, you would be invited to listen to me lead you through a spiritual exercise based on a certain theme for the entire 2 or three days. What life themes or Scripture themes would you be drawn toward for this kind of experience? Either share it with me by clicking on the Comments button or send me a quick email ( I’ll be gathering your ideas for a while, but don’t forget!

May God’s presence be felt within and around you this day!

Artwork: To Proclaim Release by Jan Richardson (
Music: Alleluia by Stephen Iverson  (