Isaiah 25.6-9 for Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hello There!
Welcome to the Lectio Divina Podcast. As I share in this week’s edition, I have been so pleased to find that we have persons from over 30 countries from all over the world meditating and praying with us by way of this podcast! That being the case, it would be a great delight for me to hear from you how you are using this podcast in your setting. Where are you when you listen? Do you listen from the website or are you listening by way of your MP3 playing or phone? Do you have a community of folk listening together? Or, most important, why do you listen? Please post a few of your comments in the Comment section or email me!
Thank you for being a part of my spiritual community. You are making this such a rich journey for me.
Peace Deep Down,

Music by Allen Thibeaux, Happy Cascade (
Photo by Todd Spencer, Fall at the Spencers’