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August 2019 Greetings! Thanks for dropping in on my lectio divina podcast. Please consider making a financial gift to my work. Your gift will help me do a couple of things. Most importantly, it will help me to continue the work of creating and maintaining the weekly Lectio Divina (when in doubt) Podcast. There are costs involved in both time and resources. Your gift, small or large, is so appreciated here. Secondly, your gift will support my work to help others create and go on Personal Spiritual Retreats! Again, a gift small or large will help. A Personal Spiritual Retreat is your chance to get away from your everyday schedule, slow down, rest, soak-in the moment, practice spiritual practices with Christ and hopefully come away more refreshed and ready to take a new step into your everyday living with God. The pilot retreats I’ve already helped persons with have proven to be powerful additions to their lives! Here’s how this tends to look: First, I meet the person (on the phone, video chat, or face-to-face), to get to know them a little and explore the potential of their personal retreat. Then, we have a second meeting to get prayerfully creative about what their up-coming retreat might look and feel like, including where they might go to get away for this very special time (e.g. a retreat center, campsite, lodge, cabin). After that, I put together a suggested daily rhythm for the retreat-goer, with specific ideas for practices and times for doing what. Then, the retreatant goes on their personal retreat. I suggest that the length of the retreat be at least 3 days/2 nights, and as long as a week or two. Technology-permitting, some of my retreat-goers like to meet with me by phone or video-chat somewhere in the middle of their retreat to do a check-in time of spiritual direction. This helps the person to pray over and reflect on their retreat so far and consider what the next part of the retreat might hold. Lastly, after the person has completed their retreat — usually within a week or two afterwards — I like to offer another direction time so that the person may process the whole experience and consider how God might be moving in new ways in their life. It can be very exciting to witness how God moves in all of this! A few words about the evolution of this idea, if you are interested: As some of you might remember, when I first started considering helping folks with personal retreats, I thought I would like to create completely downloadable retreats that persons could download and take to the retreat location of their desire. I thought this was kind of a fun idea. But, after many years of creating the podcast, praying and thinking over my calling as a spiritual director, and leading folks directly in their retreats, I have decided that downloadable retreats would be, well, not very personal — for ME, at the very least. My sense of call is much more about having direct relationships with retreat-goers, rather than just seeing that someone, somewhere, downloaded my retreat guidance. Not that there’s anything really wrong with that. My podcast functions much along those lines. It’s just that I am more clear now that I desire more personal engagement when it comes to leading others in retreats. I feels more life-giving to me! So, what do you think? Would you like my spiritual direction guidance in creating and going on a personal retreat? Would you like to make a donation towards this work I am doing on behalf of others? Send me a gift today! $25 or more would be wonderful. Or, reach out to me and let’s get started on creating your very own Personal Spiritual Retreat together! Deepest Peace with You, Todd