Extra Contemplative Audios with Todd

During this time of Covid-19 stay-at-home orders, I have decided to create some extra audios for your contemplative life. I’m especially missing my Contemplative Worship Gathering friends at FUMC right now. These audios are especially dedicated to these fine folks! But all are welcome, of course! Check back regularly.
Clean Hands-Warm Heart,
With You,

Holy Thursday Contemplative Meditation- 4.9.2020

Todd Reads Rubem Alves, “Friendship” – 4.20.2020

*This reading comes from Rubem Alves’ book, Tender Returns. I read this with the expressed permission from the translator of the book, Glenn Alan Cheney. I am grateful for the honor!



12 thoughts on “Extra Contemplative Audios with Todd”

  1. Joy Fredrick said:

    Please pray for my husband, Charles; has had neuro surgery.

  2. Karen Ruyle said:

    prayers for Charles to feel your presence God

  3. Karen Ruyle said:

    Thank you Todd. It was wonderful

  4. Prayer of deep gratitude for the freedom and joy to spend time outside in beautiful creation

  5. Thankfulness that our friend still has his job and health insurance

  6. Prayers for protection for our “front line” workers – health care, police, caregivers, first responders, grocery “ postal…

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